TopChips Cooked

Make Fat-Free Pototo Chips In 3 Minutes

Potato chip lovers rejoice—TopChips makes fresh, yummy, fatfree crisps at home.

TopChips Cooked


EASY & DELISH | I’m a complete potato chip queen, though most people who know me don’t know it. I seldom buy this yummy could-there-be-anything-unhealthier-with-more-empty-calories snack because I have a tendency to overindulge. Now, thankfully, with my new TopChips chips maker I never have to think about the quantity of crisps I consume or whether or not they’re good for me because chips made using this inexpensive, inventive microwave tray are 100 percent fat free—really.

Chips Off The Old Potato

TopChips Raw Pototoes on TrayIf I hadn’t experimented with the TopChips maker myself, I wouldn’t have believed it capable of producing a homemade potato chip with the same satisfying crunch of a store bought one, but it can—in three minutes no less. And I wouldn’t have thought it could deliver a great potato chip taste without oil, but it does. To be fair, TopChips don’t taste exactly like chips that have been saturated in oil. TopChips potato chips taste healthy in a good way, more like actual potatoes. They reminded my tasting crew of Pringles.

The TopChips kit ($15.00 on Amazon) comes with a mini-mandolin that slices whatever vegetable or fruit you choose (potato, sweet potato, carrot, apple, etc.) into consistently thin wafers, and a perforated silicone tray that holds the slices and facilitates crisping in the microwave.—Ruth Rainey
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  1. Jody
    Jody says:

    You can also find something that is almost identical to this in the Epicure catalogue called the Chipster. It makes fantastic chips, and like it was mentioned, it can be done with sweet potatoes and all kinds of other fruits and veggies. They also have helpful hints about adding a few spices to flavour your chips. I.e. apples with cinnammon on them.


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