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Have To Have It: The Joe Fresh “It” Coat

Cool hunting fashionistas have been waiting for this one: the Joe Fresh neoprene topper.

On The Bright SideCHEAP & CHIC | Say it ain’t so, Joe Mimran? Tell me you’re going to produce more than a limited number of what had to be the coolest coat on the Joe Fresh runway at LG Fashion Week in Toronto last spring. You know the manteau I’m talking about: the oversize neoprene topcoat that comes in colours so intense and on trend that most Canadian fashion journalists who saw it at the show proclaimed it an instant hit—then promptly stuck it on their need-to-get-one list.

NeoPrene Coat - Joe FreshI put that coat on my list too, and was excited to learn yesterday that it will be available in November in orange, blue and green—for $99. What I wasn’t so happy to learn is that these colour-popping toppers will be offered at “very select stores,” according Katie Gregory, PR coordinator for the Joe Fresh brand.

NeoPrene Coat - Joe FreshOh, No! Does this mean that most of the coats will go to Manhattan, where two Joe Fresh shops are slated to open next month? Does it mean that we won’t get any in B.C.? Or that if we do get a few (at the Granville Street boutique, maybe) that there will be a feeding frenzy like the one that took place recently when Missoni products offered for sale at Target sold out everywhere in 15 minutes.

Joe Fresh is no Missoni. I know that. But this coat is super cool, and if the numbers are small or its whereabouts limited, it’s going to cause a stir. —Annabel Lee

You can check for the arrival of the neoprene topcoat on the Joe Fresh website www.joefresh.com. To see see all of Joe Fresh Fall/Winter 2011, check out this spread in Filler magazine, www.fillermag.com

Photos: courtesy Joe Fresh

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  1. Cathi Brown
    Cathi Brown says:

    I WANT THIS COAT!!!!! I travel for work and this would be absolutely perfect. I’ve emailed the company from their website to inquire about locating or ordering it.

  2. Marilyn Byfield
    Marilyn Byfield says:

    I want one of these Neoprene Coats in Green but in trying to send a message to them from theri website found that it would not take a subject in the Subject Required line. Do you have a phone number that I can call and talk to them directly?
    Do you know if any of these coats are coming to the Vancouver area?

  3. Jonathan Walford
    Jonathan Walford says:

    I looked for one of the coats to acquire for the collection in December 2011 in Toronto and everyone I contacted in the stores had no idea what I was talking about, and an email to HQ requesting one for the collection got a response of asking me to tell them more about our museum. I didn’t have time to follow up…

    I suspect few of these were made and probably cost more to make than they were advertised for in the catalogue


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