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The Ideal Way To Store Your Magazines

Finally, a systematic way to keep magazines together yet separate in an attractive {and unobtrusive} arrangement.


THE CREATIVE SOLUTION | When you have large numbers of magazines, quick reference is not always easy. The standard way to keep periodicals organized is to store them in magazine file boxes, but these containers, which are often made of flimsy cardboard, hold only a minimal number of copies. As your magazine collection grows, so does your need for file boxes, which can end up looking like an unattractive, mashed-up mess when you can’t find more to match the style you started out with.

Faced with this very problem awhile back, I came up with a flexible yet consistent-looking way to sort and store my favourite mags.

How To Make Plexiglas Dividers

1. Picture-framing shops sell thin Plexiglas sheets. Have them cut to match the depth of your shelves and the height of your tallest publications (my dividers are 28 centimetres square). Lightly sand the edges.
2. Write the titles on the band with permanent ink, or for a really clean look, set up titles on your computer and print them onto adhesive film the way I did here. I used a frosted adhesive film for computer printers, purchased at a graphic art supply store.
3. Cut the adhesive film bigger than the Plexiglas so the excess can be neatly trimmed off after it’s been applied.
4. Consider leaving some Plexiglas sheets blank to mark the place of magazines in use. —Brendan Power

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