Spa Like A Finn At Scandinave In Whistler

The eco-conscious Scandinave Spa at Whistler focuses on traditional treatments instead of gimmicks—and it costs less, too.

HydrotherapyBACK TO BASICS | Say goodbye to spa therapies that only go skin deep. Thermo- therapy and hydrotherapy, practised throughout Europe, are showing up across the country. These therapies use extreme heat and profuse sweating to flush out deeply lodged toxins, relax muscles and improve heart health.

What Is A Finnish Spa?

Since 1999, Scandinave Spas have used Finnish traditions to provide an active, healthy relaxation experience to Canadians. Each of the company’s four eco-conscious facilities—three indoor/outdoor spas in Mont Tremblant, Blue Mountain and Whistler, and the indoor one in Montreal pictured here (which won a 2010 Governor General’s Medal in architecture)—has hot tub, sauna and steam room options. The hot air clears your lungs while the sweat generated by the high temperatures releases toxins through your skin.

After you’ve had as much heat as you can stand, you regulate your heart and refine your pores by immersing yourself in icy cold water. Taking this plunge is surprisingly refreshing and makes even grown men giggle. This is because the rapidly changing temperature causes your body to produce endorphin, the hormones of happiness. You then relax for a few minutes on a deck chair or in the warm rest areas before heading off for the next round of sweating.

In addition to hydrotherapy, the Scandinave Spas offer massage by registered therapists. There are no complicated aesthetic treatments, which helps keep the atmosphere natural with a focus on health and relaxation. The spas’ architecture uses wood and stone as the primary building materials to create an indoor-outdoor harmony with the natural settings.

Though two hours are recommended, the duration of the experience is up to you. The best part is that unlike traditional spa treatments that cost upwards of $100 per hour, Scandinave Spa at Whistler is $58 for the entire day, and right now offers well priced, weekday combination packages that include both the baths and massage treatments (the Swedish massage + baths  is just $99). So grab your bathing suit and a pair of flip-flops (robe, optional) and enjoy the health and relaxation activity that will make you glow with happiness and health from the inside out. —Natasha Irvine

For more information on Scandinave Spas, visit www.scandinave.com

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