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How To Pick Up U.S. Parcels In Point Bob

Why pick up your U.S. parcels in Blaine, when there is a more convenient and practical way to get them.

Postage on Package


EASY LIKE THIS | How many times have you tried to order something online only to discover that the company you’re ordering it from doesn’t ship to Canada? In the past, I found a way around this problem by having parcels shipped to Blaine, Washington, and then traipsing over the border to pick them up (CLICK HERE for our story). Now I have an even more expedient way to retrieve them.

(Point) Bob’s Your Uncle

Point-Roberts MapWhy pick up your U.S. parcels in Blaine, where the borders are frequently jammed, when it’s infinitely more convenient to pick them up in sleepy Point Roberts, Washington (or Point Bob as it’s known to locals). Last Wednesday, I grabbed my passport and left my house on the North Shore a little before 7 a.m. and drove to Point Roberts to pick up a package that I’d had sent to myself in care of The Letter Carrier, a parcel-receiving company located there.

By heading out early, I avoided the rush hour traffic downtown and missed the morning slowdown that occurs southbound through the Massey Tunnel. I was at The Letter Carrier when it opened for business at 8 a.m. and back home by 9:15.

Had I travelled to Blaine, I know I would have added at least another hour onto my trek.—Annabel Lee

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  1. Ann Gillespie
    Ann Gillespie says:

    So glad to know about this! I’ve avoided ordering anything online in anticipation of the long border wait so will give this a try for sure. Thanks!


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