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The Nutribullet: An All-Time Favourite Kitchen Product

Why the Nutribullet is our current favourite kitchen product.

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PRODUCTS WE LOVE | In 2010 it was the Sodastream; in 2011 it was the pizza stone; in 2012 it was the TopChip microwave potato chip maker—and, in 2014, the Nutribullet was the kitchen product of our dreams. 

NutribulletThe Nutribullet, for those who avoid TV and haven’t been hooked by the repeatedly playing infomercial, is a high-powered “nutrition extractor” (a.k.a. blender) that can pulverize and emulsify foods—including fruit skins, seeds, stems, vegetables, nuts and tough root vegetables such as ginger and beets—while retaining all of the fibre and nutrients. The Nutribullet enables shirkers like me to take their superfoods (kale, spinach, walnuts, goji berries, chai seeds, etc.) in a liquid form that is more quickly and easily absorbed into the system than solid versions of these foods would be.

One thing I love about the Nutribullet is the $99 sticker price. I’d been debating about buying a Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre, but because I already have a juicer, a blender and food processor, spending $500 on a Vitamix just to liquefy fruits and vegetables seemed wasteful to me.

Roger Lee's Nutriblasts!The Nutribullet comes with a booklet that contains some healthy drink recipes, but I’ve found even more interesting ones on Internet sites such as Roger Lee’s “Nutriblasts!” page on Pinterest.

In Metro Vancouver, you can find Nutribullet at Canadian Tire and Bed Bath & Beyond. Both stores sell the “blaster” for $99. If you sign up on line to receive BB&B’s email alerts, you’ll get a 20 percent off coupon, which will make your Nutribullet even cheaper.—C. Rule

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    • carolannrule
      carolannrule says:

      The Magicbullet is a traditional blender, the Nutribullet is not: it will liquefy kale. Check out the video reviews on YouTube to see how well this machine works. I really do love mine…CaR


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