Moon Overcoat by Alfred Sung - C. Phaisalakani

3 Star Pieces From The New Moon Fashion Line

A fashionista identifies 3 stars among Alfred Sung’s new Moon fashion basics.

Moon Overcoat by Alfred Sung - C. PhaisalakaniBACK TO BASICS “What have you got for Canadian labels?” my American cousin asked last weekend when she was up from Portland, Oregon. Hannah works at Nordstrom and has a closet full of very nice clothing including some statement pieces. “I’m thinking inexpensive basics,” she said.  “Gap, Banana: a lot of countries have well-priced basics lines; what’s the Canadian version of these?”

Is Roots well-priced? Lululemon? TNA? All three are Canadian and offer style value for sure, but are they inexpensive? Not especially. For cheap there’s Joe Fresh, which is exciting for sure (we’ve written about their fabulous $8 tees here), and Pure by Alfred Sung, which is more conservative than Joe and with a smattering of personality.

“I’ve been wanting to check out Moon, the new basics line by Alfred Sung that just launched at The Bay,” I told her.  You’re a fashionista. I’d like to see what you think of these clothes.”

Moon is pitched as a collection of essential pieces—classic shirts, cardigans, pullover sweaters, blazers, dress pants, knit dresses, skirts and outerwear—priced from $19 to $139. The Moon woman is “interested in making a good investment in her clothing, doesn’t want to be so fast that it’s worn once and thrown out,” according to Saul Mimran in The Chronicle Herald (Mimran partnered with The Bay on this line) “We hope that these clothes can hang in her closet for many seasons and be worn many times over.”

“There are some keepers here,” Hannah told me as we flipped through the racks in the barely opened “White Space” on the second floor of The Bay downtown. “And there are things I would never consider, but for my own particular reasons.”

What Did Hannah Have To Have?

The Overcoat
“This cut is good,” she said, trying on the Moon black Melton wool overcoat, priced at $99.  “It’s lighter-weight wool, which makes it a great transition pea coat for fall.”  Hannah liked the slim sleeves, the classic slash pockets and the deep collar that can be turned up against the wind. “The buttons are fine, but I’d change them. You can find traditional pea coat buttons [anchor and rope] online. They’d make this coat something special.”

The Sweater
“Oatmeal is definitely the colour to have,” said Hannah, slipping on Moon’s cowl neck sweater over her skinny tee. The piece drapes well “thanks to the rayon,” she said, though “I’d be leery of the loose waffle weave snagging if I worked behind a desk.” Hannah loved the triangular batwing sleeves combined with a tight forearm that is easily pushed up. “This sweater is perfect with skinny jeans or jeggings, and $49 is not much to pay for something this attractive.”

The Dress
“I’m getting this for sure—it makes my butt look good,” said Hannah, walking out of the dressing room in the grey, 100 percent cotton knit sweater dress, a steal at $59.  “See the two seams down the back—the tab that connects them gives my booty a lift. All you need is a Fendi silk square in one of the pockets, or maybe a long scarf around your neck, and you’re good to go.” —C. Rule

We could not find a Moon look book on line, so if you want to see Alfred Sung’s Moon collection in full, we suggest you visit The Bay.

Photo: Moon Overcoat, C. Phaisalakani

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  1. Eileen Cooper
    Eileen Cooper says:

    Recently, I made a trip to the Bay at Fairview Mall and, as I always do, waited some time to view a new collection, or collaboration of Alred Sung’s MOON Line. I was in the Ralph Lauren section and couldn’t see MOON anywhere, so I went to the cashier, who was the only living soul I could find, and asked her where i could find Moon.

    No wonder it was at the very back area of the Fashion Dept. On approaching Moon and examining the merchandise, I was so shell shocked at the poor quality and, most importantly, why this was merchandise even at the BAY!

    The Pure line at Zeller’s made MOON look bad and that isn’t saying much! Who is your customer? MOON ranges from $19 to $139. There is such a HUGE price gap from Lauren, ,Jones, even Nygard, which I wouldn’t spend one red cent on.

    I am not getting the direction the Bay is headed in! You cannot be all things to all people—that has been the demise of many a retailer! In my opinion, MOON belongs in Walmart and let Zellers fight it out with them, with PURE!

  2. Angela
    Angela says:

    **MOON is AWESOME!** I just finished shopping @ the Bay downtown in Vancouver with my daughter. She finally landed her first post-grad job &needed a great chic professional wardrobe but at a junior executive price. She found 2 knitted dresses, a plaid skirt, a pleated skirt & a knitted top.The items are well tailored, very downtown chic with just a hint of sexy so they remain appropriate for the office [I’m also an HR Manager!]. The clothes are clearly designed for the 20+ yr old figures. Each item my daughter bought was $59 or less! (We didn’t like the striped shirts-kind of Walmartish) but overall, great clothes that look more expensive than they are!

  3. Noire
    Noire says:

    A stylish inexpensive line for budget-consious university students!

    It’s simple, clean, and modern, and its subtle sophistication won’t make you look snobbish.

    Joe Mimran’s Joe Fresh is more fun and family-oriented, whereas Saul Mimran’s MOON is for the young woman. Both are great lines to look out for!


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