Eurow Microfiber Kitchen Towels

Finally, Attractive Microfiber Dishtowels

These microfiber dishtowels look stylish in the way that linen ones do—and function superbly, too.

Eurow Microfiber Kitchen Towels


GET THIS | I can’t help but think that if for some mysterious reason Fog Linen Work, a Japanese company that produces an exquisite line of linen products coveted by design devotees everywhere, were to suddenly go rogue and use microfiber rather than Lithuanian linen to make their kitchen towels, they might make a waffle-weave product like the one pictured here from the American company Eurow & O’Reilly. “Yes, aren’t these towels awesome,” my designer friend Margo concurred when I enthused about how attractive and effective hers were as we stood hand-drying dishes after dinner at her place awhile back.

I’ve always used cotton towels for drying dishes and was reluctant to experiment with anything different, but these microfiber ones are super soft and way more absorbent than cotton—plus, they’re not tacky to the touch the way some polymer fabrics can be. I like their size, too—16 by 28 inches—and the fact they hold their shape even after multiple washings, something you wouldn’t expect from an inexpensive towel with a serged hem.

Eurow Waffle Weave TowelsMargo got her pack of 10 towels as a gift from a client in Palm Springs six years ago, and she says they still perform as well as the day she brought them home. I bought mine (10 for $32.95) on Amazon in the U.S. and had them shipped to Point Roberts. This price is a steal when you consider that Williams-Sonoma sells a pack of two similar but smaller towels for $16, and Sears online in Canada sells the exact set I bought for a shocking $83.05 —C. Rule

Photos, top to bottom: Carolann Rule, Amazon

Care & Feeding of Microfiber Towels

If you want your microfiber towels to stay in as-new condition, you need to be diligent in following the manufacturers instructions for washing them. CLICK HERE for how to info. CLICK HERE for how to remove stains from microfiber fabric.

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