Marmoleum Placemats - John Sinal

How To Make Marmoleum Placemats And Coasters

This tough, classic linoleum that resists grease, acid and heat takes its place at the table.

Marmoleum Placemats - John Sinal


CREATIVE SOLUTION  | Eco-friendly Marmoleum is a fashionable finishing material that doesn’t end up only on the floor. I’ve seen innovative applications on kitchen countertops and work surfaces such as desks and coffee tables. It’s extremely durable, non allergenic and comes in every colour imaginable. Here I’ve used it for placemats in simple patterns.

Mat Class

1. Sketch a pattern and size the various pieces of Marmoleum to fit within it (10 1/2 inches by 15 inches is the size of a standard placemat).

2. Cut the Marmoleum with a sharp Exacto knife and a metal straight edge. Score several times until cut through.

3. I used rigid artists’ boards for backing (available at art supply stores). Glue Marmoleum pieces to the board using multipurpose adhesive for floor coverings.

4.  Let mats dry with a board and weights on top of them to ensure adhesion. — Brendan Power

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