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The Best Way To Lace Your Workout Shoes

Who knew there were so many corrective ways to lace up your workout shoes?

looplacinglock- Katie Runs This


GOOD TO KNOW | I have a very narrow foot with a very high instep, which is no biggie for me except when it comes to buying workout shoes. Very few athletic shoe brands fit my feet straight out of the box; usually, I need to add orthotics. Recently, though, I’ve been able to eliminate this extra purchase by lacing my sneakers using a method that actually improves the way my workout shoes fit my feet.

Do you have a high instep, wide forefoot or a narrow heel? There are lacing techniques that can compensate for these conditions. On her website KatieRUNSthis.com, Katie, an avid runner and self-confessed running gear junkie, shows runners corrective ways to lace up their athletic shoes. (CLICK HERE her photos and instructions).

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Altra Zero Drop Alternate LacingOn their website, Altra Zero Drop Footwear, a company that makes barefoot/minimalist running shoes, shares their “customer preferred and personal favorite lacing system,” a technique that insures that your athletic shoes fit snugly at the heel, are relaxed over the arch and have room at the forefoot—all of which makes for a less tense leg, according to the manufacturer (CLICK HERE for their demo). —Annabel Lee

Photos top to bottom: katieRUNSthis.com, altrazerodrop.com

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