Get The French Preppy Look For Waay Less

We love French preppy as much as the next fashionista. But is Altuzarra for J. Crew’s interpretation of it worth the money when you can pull together an equally acceptable version for an absolute rock bottom price?



THE LOOK FOR LESS | “Steal of the Month” is a feature—actually a double page spread—that appears at the very back of Vogue magazine every month. In the current issue, the steal is the top from Altuzarra’s capsule collection for J. Crew pictured above, and it’s been paired with wide leg jeans from Acne ($350) for an overall look Vogue editors have labeled “French preppy.” Joseph Altuzarra’s tops start at around $800 (on Net-A-Porter), so, of course, the J. Crew pullover seems shockingly inexpensive at $85—and it would be an absolute steal if it looked less basic J. Crew and more quirky Altuzarra, but it doesn’t.

What we are trying to say is that wardrobe pieces this iconic and familiar don’t need big label validation. To prove it, here’s our version of French preppy for a quarter of the price.

Joe Fresh Boatneck Tee—$24
Joe Fresh Marine boatneck Tee $24Joe Fresh Wide Leg Pants—$39
Joe Fresh-Pleated Wide Leg Pant - $39Joe Fresh Marine Sweater – $39
Joe Fresh Marine Sweater -$39Joe Fresh Striped Sweater – $19

Joe Fresh Striped Sweater - $19

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  1. Diane Huska
    Diane Huska says:

    I am new to BC. I made the trek to the GCSS in our area, and was very pleasantly surprised at the large assortment of clothes and lingerie available. Not only choice, but cotton, real cotton, which is so important when I travel south. The Joe Fresh line is a real keeper. Find the one in your area and visit regularly!


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