CLUB cabin-low

CLUG: An Easy, Elegant Way To Store Bikes

Designed in Vancouver, the CLUG is an easy and elegant way to store bikes.

CLUB cabin-low INEXPENSIVE & AWESOME | If this isn’t a fabulous idea, I don’t know what is: a practically invisible clip that you can attach to almost any surface to store your bike in a space-saving position. Use the stylish CLUG—it’s a blend of the words clip and hug—“to keep your place tidy and display your ride without damaging it or your walls,” say the trio of industrial designers (with a Fuseproject connection) at Vancouver-based Hurdler Studios. They are currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter in an effort to speed their clever product to market.   Multi CLUG living room Absolutely everything you need to know about the CLUG (including bike tire particulars) can be found on Hurdler’s Kickstarter page where, for a measly $9 CAD, you can become an official backer and one of the first to receive a CLUG when they roll off the assembly line in the fall of 2014. —Ruth Rainey CLUG in the kitchen For more about the CLUG, visit; for more on the designers, visit

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