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What’s With The Costco Oil, Olive?

The turn on: Foodies will tell you that the subtleties of olive oil in a dish can make a good meal exquisite. Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from fresh-picked, cold-pressed olives grown in Tuscany. The description on the bottle reads like a wine label with harvest year and an analysis of the colour, overtones and bouquet.

What’s the deal: Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which comes in an attractive one-litre bottle, is only $12.69 at Costco.

Why we’re excited: The olive oil aficionados at give Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive oil a five-star rating, a much higher ranking than they give other boutique brands that easily go for triple the price per ounce.

How long will the pleasure last: As long as Kirkland and Tuscany keep Costco supplied.

Where’s the F Spot: All Costco locations in the Lower Mainland.

—Submitted by Natasha Irvine

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