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We Rate Mayo, Peanut Butter And Mustard

Want to know which is the best prepared mustard, PB and mayo? We have the answers here.

Dollop Of Mayonnaise-iStockBrand X is a Frugalbits column that pits supermarket house brands against an industry leader—how does Best Foods mayonnaise compare with 365 Everyday Value mayonnaise, Whole Food’s store brand, for example? Sometimes the industry leader has the best quality for the best price, sometimes not. Our judge in these matters is the seasoned and conscientious chef Glenys Morgan. Here she weighs in with her opinion on mayonnaise, peanut butter and mustard.

Mayonnaise - C. PhaisalakaniMayonnaise—There is no replacing handcrafted mayonnaise, says Glenys Morgan. Even so, her eyes were opened wide by one of the trio of products pictured here.  Not overtly salty or sweet —“the key tastes that hook us in prepared foods”—this mayo pulled her back “into the flavour frame when we work from scratch. I’m a convert. It’s tops on the list now.” CLICK HERE to see which of these mayonnaise brands received the best results in her mayo clinic.

Peanut-Butter- C. PhaisalakaniOrganic Peanut Butter Chef Morgan likes her peanut butter lightly salted, non- hydrogenated and organic “because it’s pesticide free.” After comparing price, flavour and availability of the four brands pictured here, one in particular stood out for its lightly salted sweetness. It also received high marks for the fact it did not “coagulate into a mass that’s forever hard and lifeless, which is nice to find when the craving hits.” CLICK HERE to see which brand made her feel like a nut.

Mustard - C. PhaisalakaniMustard, Dijon style—The bright yellow condiment commonly used for hotdogs is too colourful (from the turmeric) and vinegary to cut the mustard with foodies—Dijon is the way they roll. It’s worth noting that European Dijons have a Canadian connection; mustard seed is grown in abundance in this country then shipped to France, where they concoct the famous mustard using French wine vinegar. Of the samples Morgan tried, one smacked of ballpark, another Poupon, while the third tasted true bistro French. CLICK HERE to see which Dijon cut the mustard.

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