Appliance Buyers Guide Wolf 36" Gas Range

Pro-Style Wolf Ranges At Super Low Prices

Vancouver’s Dirty Apron Cooking School is selling its commercial-style ranges at an appetizingly low price.




STEAL THIS STOVE (01.11.11) | Ever since the late 1970s, when homeowners first began to modify their kitchens to install authentic commercial ranges, the Wolf brand has been the go-to for serious home cooks. Wolf Gourmet, the company’s “commercial-style” home model (introduced in 1987), is a heavy-duty appliance with features that please both amateurs and pros. This is one of the reasons that two years ago chef David Robertson chose it as the teaching machine for students at Vancouver’s Dirty Apron Cooking School—that and the fact he has cooked successfully on Wolf commercial ranges for ages.

The Price Is More than Alright

Recently, Robertson decided to upgrade the school’s units to a newer Wolf model, and he’s now offering the original 11 36-inch duel fuel ranges (pictured below)—with four gas burners and a chargrill on top, plus a large electric oven with convection and an infrared broiler underneath—at an appetizingly low price.

Dirty Apron Cooking School VancouverThe Dirty Apron is asking $5,000 apiece for the ranges (there’s no tax on used merch btw). This price is a steal when you consider that a new version of this range would cost around $12,500 before taxes. The Dirty Apron ranges have been impeccably maintained, and each one comes with a high stainless-steel backguard if you want it.

“These ranges are in great shape,” says Takashi Mizukami, a top instructor at the Dirty Apron. He says that while the Wolfs are used almost daily for a few hours, they are also deep-cleaned daily by a pro. Although the two-year warranty has now expired, the product’s three-to-five-year limited warranty is transferrable to purchasers. —C. Rule

To find out more about the Wolf ranges at the Dirty Apron Cooking School call 604-879-8588, or visit

Photos, top to bottom: Appliance Buyers Guide (CLICK HERE for their product review), Dirty Apron Cooking School

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