Three boxes of sea salts

One Of These Sea Salts Is Not Like The Others

Which of these sea salts rocks chef Glenys Morgan’s boat: San Remo, President’s Choice Memories of Sicilia, La Baleine des Salins du Midi?

Three boxes of sea salts

It’s my farm-girl philosophy that the less food is mined or refined, the better. Introduced to sea salt in my teens, I became an aficionado when I went to Europe. Since returning home in my twenties, I’ve never given Sifto a second thought.

Decades later I still buy a variety of sea salts for their texture, provenance and flavour, and what I’ve come know is that Vancouver outweighs other culinary capitals when it comes to choice and price. My latest favourite is San Remo brand. A kilo box (yes, that’s 2.2 pounds) of fine Italian sea salt (for the shaker or accurate measuring) is $1.69. It’s also available in a coarse style for a chef to grab a pinch of (think Kosher texture but real sea salt) or for those great looking salt cellars with little spoons.

San Remo sea salt costs $1.69 for 1 kilo at the Italia Bakery, 2828 E. Hastings, 604-251-6800 or $2.99 at Duso’s on Granville Island,;  President’s Choice Memories of Sicilia is $4.99 for 750 grams at Extra Foods,;  La Baleine des Salins du Midi is $6.99 for 750 grams at Safeway,

What To Do With Sea Salt: Make Fresh Citrus Salt

Create a zesty flavoured salt for fish, grilled seafood or spring and summer vegetables. Blend 1/2 cup coarse sea salt with 1 tablespoon citrus rind (lemon is the most versatile) grated superfine on a microplane rasp. Mix thoroughly and store in a sealed jar in the refrigerator. Use the brightly flavoured salt to dust grilled seafood, salads or the season’s freshest vegetables.

Photo: C. Phaisalakani

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