Vertical Spine Bookcase - via The Design Files

4 Fab Bookcases That Take Up Little Room

Short on floor space? Here are four fabulous bookcases that take up very little room.

Vertical Spine Bookcase - via The Design Files


DESIGN WISE | Those of us living in condos and townhomes are forever on the lookout for ways to save on space. One way to do this where books are concerned is to store them horizontally in a vertical bookcase that climbs up the wall rather than in one with a more conventional shape that gobbles up a larger floor area.

Vertical spine book towers can hold lots of books in a vertical stack. Here are four of our favourite models.

Sapien, Design Within Reach ($198)Sapien Bookcases - Design Within Reach


Array Book Tower, CB2 ($229)Array silver bookcase- CB2


Spine Style, Southern EnterprisesSouthern Enterprises Book Tower ($108)


Lack Wall Unit, IKEALack Wall Shelf Unit- IKEA ($60)


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