Fall Topshop 2012

New Topshop And Uniqlo Stores Open

Two top international fashion brands cast their nets ever wider with new shops on the west coast, one in Vancouver, the other in San Francisco.



CULT SHOPPING ALERT | It’s no secret Frugalbits loves Uniqlo; we’ve spilled enough digital ink to prove it. The Japanese fashion behemoth has captured our hearts with inexpensive, well-made fashion staples such as cashmere sweaters in a dazzling colours for $50 to $89 (take that, J. Crew), barely there ultralight down sweaters and coats for $50 to $90 (take that, Patagonia) and crisply executed men’s long sleeve dress shirts for $30 (take that, Brooks Brothers).

We love that their limited-offer collaborations with sophisticated designers such as Jil Sander and Jun Takanashi (a piece from his UU collection is pictured above) result in high-quality, genuinely collectible fashion items.

Uniqulo CashmereWe don’t have a clue when Uniqlo will set up shop in Canada, but as of last week, access to their merchandise got a little easier for those of us on the west coast when the company unveiled their new flagship on Powell Street in San Francisco.

Open now in San Francisco, Uniqlo is located at 111 Powell St., 1-877-486-4756

Topshop Topping Out

Fall Topshop 2012While we adore Topshop as much as the next Kate Moss wannabe (yes, we know, she parted ways with the company last year, but we still associate their High Street look with her), we did not like the cramped quarters—or the limited selection—this fashion giant endured on the second floor of The Bay in downtown Vancouver.

So we were super-excited to learn last May that the department store and the iconic brand had decided to take this product to the street. Set to open next Thursday, OCTOBER 18, Topshop Topman’s new quasi-stand-alone store (you access it from The Bay’s dedicated escalator entrance on Granville Street) is 33,000 square feet (take that, smaller Manhattan location) of shopping bliss set to satisfy your craving for trend-driven standout clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

Topshop Fall 2012Like other select Topshop locations, we assume this one will offer Topshop’s free personal shopper service. Pre-book an in-store appointment with one of their team specialists to help you find a special outfit for a big event, get the first look at their latest offerings or build an entirely new wardrobe.—Annabel Lee

Opening in Vancouver on October 18, Topshop Topman is located at 674 Granville Street. They will have their own telephone number on opening day, but for now you can find out more by contacting The Bay at 604-681-6211.

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