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The Easiest Way To Pull Together An Emergency Survival Kit

If you have yet to cobble together an emergency survival kit, this well-priced ones from Costco will make the task an {almost} no brainer.

Emergency Preparedness - Cub Scouts


MONEY WELL SPENT | I can’t believe how many people I know who still have not put together a basic emergency preparedness kit. But hey, even with straight- forward easy-to-follow directions on this very website (CLICK HERE for our story on how to put together a survival kit from scratch), up until recently I was among the great unprepared. I wish I could say it was Frugalbits that prompted me to get my kit together, but it wasn’t; it was my dear friend and neighbour who showed me hers, a store-bought version from Costco.

What Comes In A Catastrophe Kit
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Costco online sells a four-person / three-day emergency preparedness survival kit for $149.99 and the price includes shipping and handling. It feels like a loss leader item to me, considering everything it contains. The contents break down this way:

Sustenance: This includes water and food rations for four (with a five-year shelf life).

Warmth, Light and Communication: Among other things are thermal blankets, emergency light sticks, a wind-up flashlight/radio/alarm, whistles, a 62-piece first aid kit.

Tools: This includes leather work gloves, crowbar, nylon rope, etc.

Entertainment: Young children’s amusements and playing cards are included (CLICK HERE For the complete list of contents).

The Costco kit comes in a sturdy bag with wheels, a telescoping handle and empty pockets on the outside for adding the other stuff you are going to need.

Extra Stuff You’ll Need: Make sure you have a manual can opener; solid-sole shoes; car and house keys; prescriptions and other special needs items; cash; pet food; copies of passports and insurance policy; contact numbers. —C. Rule

Visit www.costco.ca  or costco.com to see all of their emergency preparedness kits.

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Common sense tells us that we need to have emergency preparedness kit readily available, but I believe many people put it off because they don’t know how to get started or what to put in the kit. Because of this, for most people, the best way to get a kit is to just buy one that is already prepared and then add individual items to customize it. This deal you found at Costco looks like a great way to go.


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