Tracy Anderson

Try This Rebounder Workout At Home

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson will put a bounce in your workout with a rebound routine that’s free on YouTube.

Tracy Anderson


FIT FOR FREE | Don’t hate her because she has an unattainably perfect body and fabulous celebrity best friends like Gwyneth Paltrow. For the past 11 years, Tracy Anderson has worked damn hard for her money, developing workout studios both in New York and L.A. and creating a series of eight killer DVDs based on the Tracy Anderson Method. And while her lifestyle advice and exercise routines continue to have their detractors—who feel her views on dieting are too extreme and her routines for dance-based workouts too quick and complicated to follow—her program has been proven to work if you can hunker down and stick with it.

Regardless of your opinion of Anderson (and with a reality television show in the works, you’re probably going to have one even if you don’t right now), if you like to work out, you are going to want to thank her for the four free workout routines for the mini trampoline she posted on YouTube last week. Guaranteed to give you a cardio boost if you bounce her way, they are easy to follow—and fun!

Bounce With Her

Bouncing on a mini-trampoline was a huge fad in the 1980s, but only in the past few years has rebounding, as it’s called, gained credibility as a legitimate workout option. That’s because trainers like Anderson are putting the mini tramp through its paces. If you were to bounce along to every one of her four videos back to back, you would have done a solid, low-impact high-energy 30-minute cardio workout that will have left you sweaty and spent. What I like about Anderson’s mini tramp videos compared to her cardio DVDs is that she exercises in one place rather than travelling across a gym floor. If I screw up, which I inevitably do, I just continue bouncing along hard until I can find a way to re-join the routine. —C. Rule

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