Schmutz Haken Broom

Pusher Broom Love: Meet The Schmutz

Swept away by a funny looking broom with the funny sounding name Schmutz Haken. (VIDEO)

Schmutz Haken Broom


BUY RIGHT | When it comes to sweeping indoors, I prefer an angled broom with a dirt-catching split-fibre tip that can wiggle into corners (Vileda makes a good one). Outdoors, I want a broad brush that can cover more ground and sweep away heavy debris so I always go for a pusher, though I had no idea how inefficient most push brooms are until I tried a Schmutz Haken, the silly looking sweeper pictured here.

The Schmutz Haken is an innovative broom with five rows of hooked, synthetic resin bristles (they make me think of Ed Grimley’s hairdo) that dig into uneven surfaces and dig out the dirt, wet leaves, whatever (schmutz haken means dirt hook in German).

The indoor version of the Schmutz Haken has both soft and tough bristles that remove pet hair like a charm (the German company got it’s start by manufacturing the perfect hooked-bristle hand brush for removing pet hair from clothing and upholstery.)

Another thing I like about the Schmutz Haken is that it comes with a retractable steel handle so that, depending upon the situation, I can make my broom as tall or short as I like. —Ruth Rainey

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