Happy Easter - Cocodot

Taking {Card} Stock

It’s not too late to establish the tradition of sending out Easter greetings—particularly when they’re free!

Happy Easter - Cocodot


FREE IS GOOD | We don’t know a lot of people who send out Easter or Passover cards to everyone they know the way they might do for holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s day, but when cute easy-to-send-out greetings are available online for free, why wouldn’t you do it.

Of course we’re talking about sending out Cocodot, Frugalbits’ favourite free e-greeting card supplier. For Easter and Passover, Cocodot offers gorgeous greeting cards and invitations (including egg hunt invites) to peruse— and did we mention all of them are free? Each of Cocodot’s cards slips into an attractive e-envelope topped off by your choice of e-seal.

Cocodot allows you to customize your greeting, add music to it if you want to and order a hard copy version (this will cost you, of course) for the few people in your life who don’t live on the computer. Visit www.cocodot.com to get started.

Happy, Hoppy Easter All.—XOXOeds

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