Jean Shrimpton Big Hair - David Bailey

The Next Best Thing To Having A Live-In Hair Stylist

The BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Air Styler will give your hair Victoria Beckham-quality volume and shine in record time.

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MONEY WELL SPENT | I have a lot of hair. This is both a blessing and a curse. While I’m grateful that in all probability I’ll never go bald, my abundant mane is a royal pain when it comes to styling it myself. Not only does my mop take a discouragingly long time to blow dry, but the results never look polished because I can’t really work a round brush and dryer in tandem. Read more

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Get Pro Hair Products At A Drugstore Price

International hair care leader Schwarzkopf delivers salon-quality performance at a drugstore price.

buy generic levitra onlinerzkopf_hair_color_idea_thumb.jpg”>1 schwarzkopf_hair_color_idea_thumbBEST BUY | Our wet, west coast weather may be nourishing for skin, but it’s murder on hair. The rain creates humidity, which leads to one of our biggest hair nightmares: frizz. For those of us with unruly hair, it is almost impossible to go without a styling product or we will end up “poofy” only minutes after we head out the door. If we want good hair days in Vancouver, we need reliable styling products. Read more

Hairspray Nikki Blonsky

3 Hairspray Products You Need To Try

Here’s why little bit of hairspray in your life is a very good thing—plus top products to try.

Hairspray Nikki BlonskyBUY RIGHT | Hairspray is often associated with our yucky prom ‘do or wedding hair. But every chic girl should have some on hand, and you won’t find a stylist willing to work without it because after you’ve laboured to create a great look, often the most difficult part is to keep it in place. Men can also use hairspray to hold their styles in a natural, relaxed way—especially good for photos or film.

Nowadays hairspray is not so much for stiffening your coif as it is for perfecting your locks, to rapidly remedy a bad hair day or to tame unruly bangs. Ever had lots of static in your hair and a halo of frizz floating above your head? Or have trouble recreating those perfectly relaxed flatiron curls your stylist showed you or that ultrasmooth blowout? Hairspray is the key. Read more

Blow Dry

Get A Solid Blow Dry Quick & Super Cheap

Having your hair blown dry and styled professionally is expensive. Here’s where to get a solid job done quick and cheap.

Blow DryCHEAP + GOOD | While the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge was confident enough (after a few private lessons) to do her own makeup on her wedding day, she left her hair in the hands of professionals. That’s because she knows, as do celebrities who globetrot with hairdressers in tow, that it’s downright impossible to DIY a salon-calibre hairstyle without plenty of time and considerable schooling—and even then, most tresses will still look better if they’ve been styled by a pro. Read more