Butterfly popcorn flake

5 top recipes for popcorn toppings no one will be able to resist

Here are 5 top recipes for popcorn toppings your guests will not be able to resist.

Butterfly popcorn flake


FROM THE VAULT | Although I wasn’t able to get everything organized in time for the Emmy Awards this year, I will be hosting a popcorn party for friends and family when the Oscars roll around on Sunday. Movies and popcorn are a winning combo, and in the past few weeks I’ve been scouring the Internet for recipes, whipping up toppings and popping up a storm on my stovetop. Read more

Katy Perry party

Make Two Top Appies In Under 10 Minutes

It’s party season, people, and you know what that means: You’re going to need appies. Here are two dead simple ones that’ll please even your zaniest guests.

Katy Perry party


EASY & AWESOME | Unless you have serious Hollywood connections, it’s unlikely that Katy Perry and her best “gurlfriend” Markus Molinari, pictured here in the cockeyed hat, will be partying at your house this coming holiday season. But hey, if you’re like me, that’s probably the least of your worries. You’re more likely thinking, “I’ve got people coming over for a holiday thing, and what can I serve them that’s thoughtful, tastes great and makes up really easy?” Time to dip into the Frugalbits vault for two of our all-time favourite appetizers that can be made in less than 10 minutes. Read more

Truffle Puree Appetizer - C. Phaisalakani

Easy Appie #4: Gruyère With Truffle Purée

Like nothing you’ve tasted before, this decadent truffle infused hors d’oeuvre is made under 10 minutes.

Truffle Puree Appetizer - C. PhaisalakaniENTERTAIN SMART | When she isn’t busy shooting portraits or working as Frugalbits’s photo editor and chief photographer, Casey Phaisalakani loves to eat and then blog about it on Phaisalakani grew up in Hong Kong, a city rich in culinary diversions, in a family jazzed about eating good food. Her mother, a keen amateur cook who enjoys entertaining, first whipped up this appetizer—a dead easy three-ingredient affair made of truffle purée and gruyère on toasty bread—as an amuse bouche to enjoy before a soup course at a formal diner she was hosting. It proved so popular her family now serves it as an hors d’oeuvre at cocktail parties or for tea time. Read more

Big City Bar Nuts - Clinton Hussey

Easy Appie #2: Lesley Stowe’s Big City Bar Nuts

Before treating the world to her signature Raincoast Crisps, Vancouver chef Lesley Stowe served this sinfully simple—and quick—appetizer to her catering clients.

Big City Bar Nuts - Clinton HusseyENTERTAIN SMART | Long before Lesley Stowe began producing Raincoast Crisps, the one-of-a-kind, gourmet cracker-alternative she manufactures locally and distributes throughout North America, she owned and operated the most celebrated catering and specialty food emporium in Vancouver. From her charming (now closed) shop off Burrard Street, she and her team offered prepared dishes and imported food products from around the world and treated Vancouverites to a taste of delicacies previously unavailable in the city.

Known for her inventive mix of ingredients (to which Raincoast Crisps are a testament), Stowe says that Big City Bar Nuts were a favourite on her catering menu. “There are quite a few sweet and salty things out there, but our recipe added something on the savoury side. It’s the hint of rosemary that makes them stand out.”

This nut mixture, made in under 10 minutes, was a show-stopper then—and now! Read more