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Chicks In Hats

Start a new Easter tradition by making mango-mousse-filled cream puffs with the junior chefs in your life. (VIDEO)

Easter Cream Puffs—Carolann Rule

DO IT YOURSELF | We fell in love with these sweet mango-mousse-filled cream puff Easter chicks the first time we spotted them at Crema, our neighbourhood java haunt. We wish we could tell you they were ridiculously inexpensive to buy ready-made or that they are a treat you can whip up yourself in under a dozen minutes (on Frugalbits we like our recipes to be lightening quick), but they aren’t.

What they are for us—and hopefully you, too—is the inspiration for an Easter baking adventure to share with the junior cooks in our lives. Get the whole story »

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4 Fab Ways To Make Chocolate Bark

Here’s how to make our four favourite variations on classic chocolate bark. (RECIPES)

White Chocolate Bark - Carolann Rule


EASY & DELISH | We are forever on the lookout for spectacular made-in-minutes desserts. Our quest has lead us to ambrosial treats such as Donna Hey’s five-minute clafloutis, Dorie Greenspan’s five-minute apple cake and Teresa Syrnyk’s quick bacon candy. Every one these sweets is two yums up in our book—and so is chocolate bark, the perfect basket-ready candy to share at Easter.

Nothing is easier to make than chocolate bark is, and few desserts have the potential for personalizing that this drop-dead gorgeous confection has.

Here are our top four chocolate bark recipes. Get the whole story »

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How to Organize An Easter Egg Hunt

This clever spin on the traditional Easter egg hunt is participant specific.

Easter Egg Hunting-shutterstock


CREATIVE SOLUTION | At first it felt unnatural to hide plastic eggs instead of real ones because we didn’t grow up hunting for plastic on Easter so having our kids do so felt not only anti-Martha but like some kind of cheesy cop-out. But at some point it stopped being okay to sacrifice three dozen perfectly good hard-boiled eggs to the springtime muck in our backyard just so our kids and their friends could charge around Easter morning and ideally find them—yet never eat them.

So we have changed our tune and completely switched over to plastic, keeping the hand-decorated chicken eggs in the fridge for snacks or sandwiches. The plastic eggs have proved fantastic because we can hunt for them outdoors in all weather conditions and recycle them year after year.

Here’s how our hunt works: Get the whole story »

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Consider The Orchid

The long-lasting orchid, in myriad colours, is gaining ground on the traditional Easter lily.



SHOPPING AROUND | Since it was first introduced in North America in the early 1900s, the stick-straight Easter lily, with its scraggly leaves and showy flowers that look like trumpets growing sideways out of its stalk, has been a mainstay on Easter morn altars across this continent and a top hostess gift for Easter dinner. But now orchids of all types and sizes challenge Easter lilies for pride of place—on the home front, at least—because they have qualities lilies can’t match. Get the whole story »

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Taking {Card} Stock

It’s not too late to establish the tradition of sending out Easter greetings—particularly when they’re free!

Happy Easter - Cocodot


FREE IS GOOD | We don’t know a lot of people who send out Easter or Passover cards to everyone they know the way they might do for holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s day, but when cute easy-to-send-out greetings are available online for free, why wouldn’t you do it. Get the whole story »

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