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Baby Cakes: Hosting A Gender Reveal Party

Here’s a fun and memorable way expectant parents are revealing the gender of their baby.


SNEAK PEEK  | Our daughter Alexis got married last spring, and now she and her husband Dave (pictured here on their wedding day) are expecting a baby. Last week, they went for their 20-week ultrasound. This imaging technique is used five months into a pregnancy to determine whether a fetus is developing normally. At 20 weeks, it can also detect whether the baby is a boy or a girl—if the gender is visible, of course.

Lexi and Dave wanted to know the sex of their baby. And they wanted to share the experience of finding out what it is with members of their immediate family, so this past weekend we had what’s called a gender reveal party at our house.

Here’s what Lexi and Dave did to ensure the baby’s gender was kept under wraps (and unknown even to them) until the appropriate moment.

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Look What’s Number One With A Baby Bullet

If this product doesn’t persuade mothers to make their own baby food, nothing will.

Feeding Baby - iStockMONEY WELL SPENT | The number one reason for buying store-bought baby food is convenience, no small thing when you’re a newbie, have multiple offspring to attend to and/or juggle motherhood and a job. I used jar food when my kids were babies because I worked full time. I just never could get it together in the evenings to assemble the ingredients and equipment necessary to cook, purée and freeze multiple mini meals for my growing tribe, though I’m pretty sure if the Baby Bullet had been available back in my day, I’d be writing a different story now. Read more