3 Fun Ways To Switch Up Your Workout

Three novel ways to get fitter by injecting some fun into your usual fitness routine.

Zumba dancers - Gold's Gym FITTER RIGHT NOW Let’s face it, like anything good for us, fitness routines can get boring after a while. Plus results from even the most fantastic regime will eventually plateau. Here are three fun ways to shake up your routine, or get back into one, and keep you engaged body, mind and soul. And with these great deals, you can’t afford not to give them a try.

Body: Zumba-Fit gets you dancing your way to fitness in time to high energy, Latin and international beats. With the slogan “ditch the workout, join the party,” this enjoyable way to get fit will let you break a sweat without even noticing—it’s that fun!

Community centres across Metro Vancouver hold Zumba-Fit classes weekly. The drop-in fee is between $8 and $12. If you aren’t sure you want to try it, take advantage of one of the free classes listed on their schedule. You can’t afford to miss this party. www.zumbavancouver.ca

Mind: Swordplay engages every muscle in your body-especially your brain. This ancient form of combat develops creativity, balance and reflexes, not to mention your core. If you have never wielded a sword, now is the time (and it will be a great story to tell). So challenge your mind and muscles to a duel. If they win, then so do you.

New students get their first class free at Academie Duello on 412 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, 604-568-9907, www.academieduello.com.

Soul: Laughter Yoga is just what it sounds like-yoga accompanied by laughter. Laughter may be the best medicine but it is also a great way to get in shape. That sidesplitting feeling after a good laugh leaves you feeling so happy and has also just given your abdomen and intercostals a serious workout. Laughter has been proven to undo the negative effects of stress, boost the immune system and heal emotional pain. Don’t expect honking clown noses and knock-knock jokes; come ready to do yogic breathing and stretching with a playful attitude. The laughter will follow.

Intrigued? Give it a try at Open Door Yoga, 1111 Commercial Drive every Sunday from 3:00-4:00. To drop in only costs $5. 604-677-4972, opendooryoga.bc.ca —Natasha Irvine

Photo: Courtesy Gold’s Gym

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