Magic Gloves - Casey Phaisalakani

780 Pairs Of Strechy Gloves For $20

Yes, Virginia, it’s true: you can have 780 pairs of gloves for under $20. We report on the miracle here.

Magic Gloves - Casey Phaisalakani




CREATIVE SOLUTION | The trouble with gloves is that they get lost, loaned, separated from their mates, mangled by pets—or can’t be found where you put them last. West Van soccer mom Valerie Scott knows all this and has discovered a solution. Once a year she makes a bulk buy of those fits-all stretchy gloves ( a.k.a. “Magic” gloves) in an inoffensive gender neutral color for her three sons and herself. Typically, she pays no more than $1.29 a pair but often it’s just 99 cents (at an end-of-season clear out).

Let’s see, if you were to buy 20 pairs of either-hand gloves for 99 cents each, you would actually get 780 potential pairs when you factor in all the possible match-ups. Not a bad investment for less than 20 bucks.—C.Rule

Fits-all stretch gloves are sold everywhere, with the cheapest versions available at stores like Walmart or Joe Fresh (where I live),  and online: google “magic gloves” to get started.

Photo: Casey Phaisalakani

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