Salma Hayek, and Daughter Valentina in Redfish Kids butterfly Dress, $55

Redfish Kids Store Opens In Vancouver

It’s about time Canada’s most original children’s wear designers/manufacturers set up their own shop made of brick and mortar.

Salma Hayek, and Daughter Valentina in Redfish Kids butterfly Dress, $55CULT SHOP OPENING | There are any number of interesting clothing designers in Vancouver, but when it comes to kids’ apparel, one company in particular stands out: Redfish Kids. Their clothes for girls and boys are not inexpensive, but they are great value when you consider that they’re impeccably made (in Metro Vancouver) and not about to wear out (think coveted hand-me-downs). Still, qualities like durability don’t begin to explain how Redfish Kids came to achieve a cult status, with celebrity moms such as Salma Hayek (pictured above) outfitting their offspring in the label.

Redfish Kids Swing Dress, $49To appreciate just how aggressively stylish and truly original this children’s fashion is (and why the now shuttered Takashimaya in Manhattan was once a loyal buyer), you need to see the entire collection up close (rather than gaze at a lookbook  online)—and now you can, at Redfish Kids first ever boutique, located in downtown Vancouver.

Inspired by street fashion in places like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, Redfish dresses have beautiful, architectural silhouettes rendered in fun, bright, typically unchildlike patterns, with both graphic and floral motifs mixed together artistically. Their kimono-style onesies ($39) have to be among the coolest baby clothes on the planet.) —C Rule

In Vancouver, Redfish Kids new flagship store is located at 851 Hornby Street, 604-685-7339. To celebrate the grand opening, on Saturday and Sunday June 2 and 3,  Redfish mompreneurs and Lorraine Kitsos and Kristy Brinkley (and their families) invite you and your family to join them at the store for story-telling and goodies. Visit

Photos, top to bottom: INF via, courtesy Redfish Kids

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