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Yesss! OxiClean Is A Miracle Stain Remover

We’re kind of obsessed with clothing stains around here, and guess what? We’ve finally found the perfect—and easiest—way to remove them.

James Perce White Tee Shirt


PROBLEM SOLVED | At Frugalbits we’re suckers for expert advice so last spring, when we wanted to know how to remove perspiration stains from white tee shirts, we contacted Madame Paulette in New York City, an international expert in fabric care. The company president graciously shared Madame Paulette’s DIY stain removal formula with our readers (CLICK HERE for the story), and although it is good and useful, we’ve recently been introduced to an even simpler solution that’s equally effective and no work at all.

Olly Olly OxiClean

Vancouverite Sarah Lacombe operates an organizing service that has tackled everything from home closets to downtown office spaces. She’s also a clean freak (in a good way) on the lookout for effective cleaning aids. Already a big fan of OxiClean, which “I use as a general laundry booster,” she decided to try a concentrated version on the stains on two of her favourite cream-coloured silk blouses.

“I filled the bathroom sink with tepid water and dissolved two scoopfuls of OxiClean in it,” Lacombe explains. “Then I submerged my blouses and let everything stand for 24 hours after which time the stains were completely gone.” Lacombe says her blouses were a “little crunchy” after soaking them so long in OxiClean so she squeezed out the excess water, refilled the sink with tepid water, added a capful of Mount Cashmere Shampoo AP010 and submerged the tops for a final 15 minutes, which softened the fabric beautifully and left them ready to line dry.

Armed with Oxiclean and Mount Cashmere Shampoo, Lancombe rarely drycleans sweaters and blouses anymore. Now, thanks to her (and OxiClean), I’ve rescued four white cotton tee shirts and a beautiful organza blouse that had unsightly, stubborn underarm stains. If I hadn’t seen the result with my own eyes, I might not have thought it was possible, but my previously stained clothing looks awesome, and shockingly like new. —Olivia Pittman

To contact Sarah Lacombe regarding organizing services, email sarahlacombe@shaw.ca. For more on OxiClean, visit www.oxiclean.com. To purchase Mount Cashmere Shampoo AP010, visit www.mountchasmere.com.

Photo: courtesy James Perse, visit www.jamesperse.com

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  1. Candace Herr
    Candace Herr says:

    I love stain discussions!
    But I am obsessed with ingredients and OxiClean does not list what nasty additives it may contain in order to produce foaming and fragrance.
    So I would recommend Oxobrite
    The active ingredients are •Sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate – baking and washing soda – just as in OxiClean. But they do not add any other chemicals and the packaging is more environmental.

  2. Christina Tanti
    Christina Tanti says:

    Well…..just soaked all my last summer whites in Oxy clean. They came out looking great. Thanks for yet another Frugal bit tip

  3. Dorothy Steed
    Dorothy Steed says:

    I had just purchased a new pair of white jeans and while on a motorcycle trip I wore them. I had a pair of yellow leather gloves.i had taken them off and sat on them. I spilled water and it ran under me.Had forgotten that I had the gloves under me. I had arrived at my brothers house. I had changed my paints and saw the leather stain on them. My husband told me I would never get the stain out and would have to throw them away.My brother went to H.E.B and came back with Oxi Clean Max Force.I put on stains and put in some water. The by that afternoon all the stain was gone. When I arrived back home I purchased some more.
    This is also great for collar stains. This is a true story. This product is all and more that is advertised. I will be using Oxi Clean Max for all my laundry stains.


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