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The Next Best Thing To Having A Live-In Hair Stylist

The BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Air Styler will give your hair Victoria Beckham-quality volume and shine in record time.

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MONEY WELL SPENT | I have a lot of hair. This is both a blessing and a curse. While I’m grateful that in all probability I’ll never go bald, my abundant mane is a royal pain when it comes to styling it myself. Not only does my mop take a discouragingly long time to blow dry, but the results never look polished because I can’t really work a round brush and dryer in tandem.

Which is why I was excited when I read about the “revolutionary” BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Air Styler, a hairdryer and rotating round brush in a single unit. If you believe the hype—and the reviews of this product from beauty journalists and end users are stratospherically positive—the BaByliss Big Hair is the next best thing to having a live-in hair stylist.

What’s The Big {Hair} Idea?

It’s easy to see where Big Hair champions got this idea. The 700-watt unit has a large ceramic barrel with a clever spinning brush that can be rotated up and down a section of almost dry hair in a way that mimics the exact blow drying technique professional stylists use to build big volume and shine. (CLICK HERE to see a demo.) A voluminous salon quality do at home using a single appliance? I needed to test drive this product.

Unfortunately, the BaByliss Big Hair Air Styler is only available in England (there’s a Vidal Sassoon version available in Australia), and even if I could get my hands on one, how was I going to make it work in Canada when there’s a voltage difference between the two countries?

So I did something crazy. I asked a friend living in London to purchase and post a Big Hair to me ($70 + $30). Then I bought a Power Bright 1,000-watt step up/step down transformer ($60 online) so the Big Hair would work perfectly in North America (a conventional tourist adapter cannot do this job properly and will eventually damage the appliance).

Was all of this worth it? Absolutely. I love this product and it really does what it says it can do, which is to deliver professional looking volume and shine. I guess I could have waited until the Big Hair becomes available in North America, but who knows when that will happen, and with pro blow outs averaging $40, I’ll recoup my initial investment pretty quick. —Olivia Pittmann

**UPDATE**UPDATE | After Olivia first wrote this post, the Conair Infiniti Spin Air Brush became available in North America. At 500w, it delivers considerably less power than the BaByliss 700w unit. That said, the Conair is cheaper and no hassle to obtain.

To find out more about the BaByliss Big Hair visit  Check out Amazon for more on the Conair. Read this informative, entertaining Big Hair product review in the Daily Mail Online.

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