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Hello Moto: Where To Find Jackets Now

If you have been thinking about adding a motorcycle jacket to your wardrobe, now would be a good time to do it.

Hello Moto

SALE ALERT | Everyone’s favourite bad girl jacket—the moto—was a big deal on runways in this past fall, with innumerable high fashion players putting their own spin on the snaps, zippers, ribbed leather panels and belt loops that characterize this iconic piece of outerwear. Naturally ready-to-wear followed suit—and sure as Christmas rolls round in December, the purveyors of these less expensive versions have now put their jackets on sale.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a little biker chick chic to your otherwise girly wardrobe, here are a few great value motorcycle jackets we found for your consideration.

High To Low

j. crew leather moto

J. Crew’s A classic leather moto is made from Spanish leather  and has a dramatic oversize lapel. Now priced at $840, down from $1,200.

LIbby- Club Monaco

Club Monaco’s edgy Libby moto is cropped and has a feminine fit. Priced at $559, down from $795.

eather biker jacket with side sips zara

Zara loves motos and keeps the look fresh by adding new versions every season. This one is not on sale, but priced as just $249 it seems like a steal when compared with the offerings from J. Crew and Club Monaco.

Zara Faux moto

Zara’s faux leather moto will appeal to staunch vegans. On sale for $39, the price isn’t hard swallow either.


Joe fresh moto

Joe Fresh has a moto that’s faux and priced low at just $34.95, down from $49.



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