Starck Happy D.2 BATHTUB

Magic Eraser Really Does Remove The Most Stubborn Stains

The stain was so stubborn I thought I would have to replace my bathtub. Turns out all I needed was a small miracle.

Starck Happy D.2 BATHTUB


THIS THING WORKS | Shortly after we moved into our house, the acrylic tub in the master bathroom became stained. It looked as though something had spattered the finish and damaged it, but whatever the cause, the problem was finding a solution.


I tried everything to get it clean. Regular bathtub cleaner had no effect. Nor did adding bleach to a tubful of water and letting it sit. Bar Keepers Friend and CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner made it slightly cleaner but never pristine. I pestered staff at the grocery store and even other customers in the cleaning aisle for recommendations. I searched the Internet for suggestions on cleaning acrylic tubs. Nothing worked.

Then my husband, the cook in our household, was discussing kitchen-cleaning products with an acquaintance who recommended Magic Eraser. Made by Mr. Clean, it is a sponge impregnated with “water-activated micro-scrubbers” and is available in various formats, according to the manufacturer’s website: Original, Extra Power, Bath Scrubber, Kitchen Scrubber, etc.

Unable to find a Bath Scrubber, we picked up a Magic Eraser Extra Power. It was like a miracle. I didn’t even have to scrub. I rubbed the tub with it lightly to avoid further damaging the finish. Every trace of the stain disappeared—and it hasn’t come back. —Felicity Stone

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