Chef Sleeve

3 Ways To Protect Your Computer Screen

When you use your laptop as a cookbook, its surfaces need to be covered. Here are three ways to get the job done.

Chef Sleeve


SHOPPING AROUND | When you use your tablet or laptop as a cookbook, calling up recipes and scrolling back and forth between ingredients and instruction, it’s only a matter time before something gloppy on your fingers winds up stuck to its surface.

Computers working as cookbooks need to be protected, which is how I came to discover the Chef’s Sleeve, a clear, disposable (yet reusable) envelope for the iPad that does not interfere with touch screen operation. Great as it is, the Chef’s Sleeve isn’t all that easy to come by in Canada. When you do find it, as I did at Kitchen Stuff Plus, it is a titch pricey when you consider there’s a less expensive, if not as sexy, alternative available in most grocery stores.

Ziploc logoContrary to comments I’ve read on the Internet, my iPad continues to perform when it’s sealed inside a large Ziploc multi-purpose storage bag. My laptop is also usable through a “large” size Ziploc “Big Bag,” and though it’s swimming inside a container this size, that doesn’t bother me.

aloksak 40-60 If you want something more form-fitting that a Ziploc bag but more versatile than a Chef’s Sleeve, Loksak resealable bags, sold at Mountain Equipment Co-op, can be hermetically sealed. The 40-by-60-cm Loksak fits tight(ish) to an opened laptop. —Olivia Pittman

For more on the Chef’s Sleeve, visit; for more on Loksak, visit

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