Sweet Surprise

Inexpensive Tortes That Take The Cake

If you’re in a rush or dessert from scratch isn’t your thing, one of these inexpensive frozen tortes will take the cake.

Sweet Surprise


EASY & DELISH |  Whenever I have a dinner party and, pressed for time, serve the attractive ready-made gluten-free dessert pictured here, my guests are often astonished to learn it was purchased at a home furnishings store. “No way,” was how one incredulous friend who knows my penchant for purchasing sweets put it recently. “I would have sworn you picked it up at some pricey little Euro-type bakery.”

tarta-mork-choklad-almond-cake-dark-chocolate-frozen__0084113_PE210497_S4Actually, I bought it at IKEA. I was introduced to IKEA’s almond tortes by a pastry pro a few years ago, back when they still sold the Almondy, a torte that boasted Daim candy bits underneath the chocolate that covered its top. “I always have these tarts in the freezer,” she told me then. “They are very well made, and perfect for when I don’t have the time to bake or need to top up my dessert offerings.”

tarta-mandel-almond-cake-frozen__0114310_PE266719_S4Tårta Mandel is IKEA’s almond-based cake covered with butter cream and decorated with roasted almond sticks; Tårta Mörk Choklad is their almond-based cake covered with dark chocolate cream and topped with cocoa nibs. Both, which sell for $7 each, come frozen and—because individual pieces warm up quickly—I like to serve them that way. —Ruth Rainey

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