Candles In The Snow - Martin Tessler

How To Light Snowy Pathways With Candles


Make light outdoors on a winter’s night by planting candles in the snow.

CREATIVE SOLUTION | Sometimes the most stunningly beautiful solution to a problem is also the most elementary one—like using candlelight rather than electricity to illuminate a snowy walkway.

The most expedient way to create the effect pictured above is to use a gloved fist to punch holes in the snow banks along both sides of a path and then sink a candle into each hole and set it alight.

Rather than a fist, I used a large, empty tin to take out plugs of snow. Going this route creates a consistently similar look for the holes, and the straight edges help keep drafts to a minimum. Since the snow in this photo is only a foot deep, I chose votive candles rather than tapers. Reaching into the holes to light the candles is easier, of course, when you use long fireplace matches. —Brendan Power

Photo: Martin Tessler

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