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Go With What You Know—And Other Rules For Shopping Cyber Monday Week

Shopping online for extreme deals during Cyber Monday Week is not without pitfalls. Here’s what you need to know before going in deep for cheap goods.Shopping On The Tablet - iStock


BUYER BEWARE | What seems sweet on the surface, can be bitter underneath. The internet is at all times crawling with scammers, but they’re out in full force during Cyber Monday Week (like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is no longer a 24-hour blowout) when online shoppers are apt to let their guard down. Here’s what we know about cyber shopping this week.

How To Shop Cyber Monday Week

Stick With What You Know—The Bay, Indigo, Amazon, Home Depot, Future Shop, etc.: Shop the big retailers you know on sites you are already familiar with (for example, LivingSocial is offering an additional 25% off thousands of deals across their site today with you use the promo code cybermondayca). Check too, with your favorite local indie bricks-and-mortar purveyors who maintain online stores, or on safe sites such as where 70,000 items are Cyber Monday priced. (CLICK HERE to see what they are offering.)

Learn From The Pros— has valuable tips for shopping safe during Cyber Monday week, and so does The Vancouver Sun. CLICK HERE and HERE for advice holds true for anyone, anywhere, anytime shopping online.  —Ruth Rainey

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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    I have been a loyal customer of The Bay and spent hours putting together an online order for all my Christmas shopping as i am going out of town before Christmas. The experience has been incredibly frustrating as my order was cancelled via an email from the company hours later without any explanation and of course by the time you need to go back to redo it everything you want has been sold. I spent 90 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a customer service rep who put an order in for me again and i have just got my second email hours later saying that order was cancelled as well. It has been worse than a waste of time and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. You are giving great advice that it is “buyer beware”.


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