Brendan Power's Votive Candle Holders - Paul Joseph

How To Make Designer Votive Holders (VIDEO)

These designer votive candle holders are surprisingly simple to make. Brendan Power shows you how. (VIDEO)

Brendan-Powers-Votive-Candle-Holders-Paul-JosephTHE CREATIVE SOLUTION | These decorative votive candleholders are an easy-to-make, inexpensive Christmas gift that is both beautiful and useful. Brendan Power, our D.I.Y. columnist, got the idea after he saw something similar in a high-end gift shop. “The patterns on the votive holders I saw were probably either applied as decals or printed directly onto the glass,” he says. “My adaptation is made with photocopy paper, but the look and the translucence is no different from the original.” 

Brendan used straight-sided votives, which he found at the dollar store for 99 cents each, because they are easier to wrap in paper than angle-sided ones would be, “but angled holders would produce good results too,” he says.

Brendan says any image can be used as a wrap for the glass—kids’ artwork, family photos, Christmas wrapping paper, etc.—just as long as it is a colour photocopy, NOT the original artwork. “Photocopy paper allows the right amount of light to shine through the glass so the candles give off a soft glow.” —C. Rule

Photo: Paul Joseph; Video: Doris Cheung-Joseph and Paul Joseph, & Then Films

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