Metal Gift Wrap-Martin Tessler

Make Bedazzling Window Screen Wrap

Knock your present out of the park with pedestrian materials from ye olde hardware store.

Metal Gift Wrap-Martin Tessler


CREATIVE SOLUTION | If you’re looking for an easy, dramatic and glamorous way to wrap a very special gift, nothing has the power to bedazzle like ordinary window screen and wire.

How To Glam A Wrap

Aluminum "Bright" Window ScreenFirst wrap your parcel with solid-colour tissue. Then overwrap it with “bright,” pliable aluminum window screening. Available at hardware stores everywhere, it comes 36 inches wide and sells for around two dollars a linear foot (I told you this wrap was for special packages). After bending the screen around the package the way you would do with paper, secure it with 18-gague aluminum wire or wire rope; plain wire is perfect for creating free-form bows, while wire rope can be frayed to make tassels.

To make a gift tag, cut one from sheet metal, use a metal plant tag, or fashion one from a disposable aluminum pie plate (CLICK HERE to see how we have done this.) Easily cut with scissors, all these materials add up to a look that’s both industrial and chic.—Brendan Power

Top photo: Martin Tessler

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