Watch How To Apply Concealer Perfectly

Allison Emery demonstrates how to apply under-eye concealer—and picks the best products to buy.

“Help! What can I use to hide these dark circles under my eyes?” This is by far the most frequently asked question I have encountered in my career in cosmetics. Dark under-eye circles can have a number of causes—lack of sleep, stress, poor diet/nutrition—or may even be hereditary.

There are many treatments we can use such as eye creams and serums, as well as facial massage and even the classic cool cucumber slices. Luckily there are some excellent concealing products on the market, so regardless of our budget, we can look fresh and ready for whatever life brings. For best results, I recommend using eye treatments in conjunction with makeup solutions. Bright, well-rested eyes are always in style. Click through to VIEW THE VIDEO and/or read the rest of the story.

Things To Look For In An Under-Eye Concealer


1. Texture The best products are creamy or fluid. Avoid concealing sticks on the eye area—they are meant for the rest of the complexion, not the eyes. The last thing we want around our eyes is a thick, matte finish: the dryness will enhance fine lines and wrinkles—even if you don’t have any!

2. Colour Obviously we want our product to match our skin tone, but we also want it to neutralize the darkness we are trying to hide. If we cover the problem without correcting the colour, the darkness will still show through. In extreme cases, a “corrector” can be used underneath the concealer to provide optimum coverage. The best concealers have a neutralizing effect so that we can quickly get the result we’re looking for without having to use multiple products.

My Concealer Picks

Best Quality: Smashbox High Definition Concealer in 6 shades $22

This is the best concealer I have ever used. The texture is ideal for any skin tone and skin type, young or old. The consistency is spectacular, and the coverage is phenomenal—very little product goes a long way so it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Smashbox High Definition Concealer is available at Sephora and many Shoppers Drug Mart Locations

Best for the Budget: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 6 shades $11

For an extremely inexpensive product, the performance is impressive. I find this product performs similarly to the Smashbox. Since this product is more affordable, I would highly recommend it to the younger crowd who are just starting to get into the make-up world and want to create good habits. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is available at London Drugs, Pharmasave, Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart and Superstore

For Extra Brightening: Smashbox Photo-Op Undereye Brightener $22

This is a truly amazing product because it can instantly brighten the eye area and it flatters all skin tones. It can be used alone or underneath and/or on top of the concealer for extra effect.

Frugalbits Money Saving Tips

1. Use a good foundation on your complexion (including the eye area) first and then less concealing will be required. 2. Concealer and foundation always look better over a moisturized complexion. Take good care of your skin and you will use less makeup. 3. If the eye area is extremely dry, try mixing a small amount of eye cream or serum with the concealer for a smoother application.

Media: Video: Doris Cheung-Joseph and Paul Joseph & Then Films; Photo: Smashbox

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