Dear Frugalbits readers,

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since we first launched this little adventure in online publishing, but they have. And through all that time, while we were concentrating on content, magazine-style websites like ours were changing in the way they look and function.

They got wider, pictures got bigger, and “responsive” design, which looks great on any screen size, became the new normal. By last fall, once charming Frugalbits had begun to look more and more out of the loop; clearly it needed a makeover.

And this is precisely what we’ve gotten. Thanks to the talented team at Vanhit.com we have a wonderful new logo, a gorgeous new homepage, and a lovely minimalist design that is dead easy to navigate.

So please take a few minutes to test drive our new model, and then if you would, let us know what you think of it at editors@frugalbits.com.

—XO Team Frugalbits

Postcard image: via moo.com

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