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Get Pro Hair Products At A Drugstore Price

International hair care leader Schwarzkopf delivers salon-quality performance at a drugstore price.

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rzkopf_hair_color_idea_thumb.jpg”>1 schwarzkopf_hair_color_idea_thumbBEST BUY | Our wet, west coast weather may be nourishing for skin, but it’s murder on hair. The rain creates humidity, which leads to one of our biggest hair nightmares: frizz. For those of us with unruly hair, it is almost impossible to go without a styling product or we will end up “poofy” only minutes after we head out the door. If we want good hair days in Vancouver, we need reliable styling products.

One of the world’s leading lines of hair salon products is Schwarzkopf, which has been in the hair-products business for over 100 years. Its early claim to fame came from the development of hair treatment products by a chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf in Berlin. Today Schwarzkopf is one of the biggest hair care distributors, serving 125 countries worldwide.

It’s Got2b You

Although most of its products are for hair care professionals, luckily for us Schwarzkopf makes a drugstore brand called got2b. I have tried several styling products in this line and found them comparable to salon hair products. A good friend who works at a high-profile hair salon confessed to me that she uses a lot of the drugstore products and is a big fan of the line. Sometimes when big cosmetic companies create less expensive versions of their products, the quality is sacrificed. This is not the case with the got2b line. Even better, this hidden hair gem is ridiculously affordable. The most expensive product is around $13, but I’ve seen the whole line go on sale for as low as $3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Now the only challenge is getting the correct products for your hair type. Next time you’re at the salon, ask your stylist what sort of styling products you should be using. When he/she recommends the salon brand, take it with a grain of salt and remember the instructions and what type of product it is. Whatever the type of serum, mousse, hairspray or styling lotion, got2b has got a product for you. —Allison Emery

For more on got2b, visit www.got2b.no; for more on Schwarzkopf, visit www.schwarzkopf.com

Photo: Blake Lively for Schwarzkopf