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18Karat is Vancouver’s most original home décor store. While other retailers sell fabulous original furnishings and accessories, none of them offers modern, organic pieces—an entire aesthetic look if you will—sprung from the fertile mind of internationally recognized local designer Maureen Welton.

18 Karat’s South Granville “home store” is the only place on the planet where you can see and purchase everything the Welton and her team are currently manufacturing. Most of 18Karat’s handmade inventory comes from somewhere exotic, and every product, no matter how small, has been micromanaged to market by Welton.

In the fickle and fashion-conscious world of home décor, 18-Karat is that rare thing, a manufacturer with a less-is-more attitude towards the acquisition of stuff. Designing and importing most of their products for longevity, they take a reductionist approach when it comes to decorating, too, by showing their well-constructed pieces in uncluttered rooms.

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