Win A Copy Of Easy Vegan—Simple Recipes

Win a copy of Easy Vegan—Simple Recipes for Healthy Eating

Easy Vegan - Ryland, Peters & SmallAccording to newspaper accounts, when Oprah’s Vegan Challenge aired on television recently, Google searches for all things vegan went through the roof. Can’t say that happened when Felicity Stone first reported on the trend and our giveaway cookbook for Frugalbits earlier in the month (CLICK HERE for the story), but it did create local buzz, and so it should have given the fact that last summer the United Nations advised that diets heavy in meat and dairy products are not sustainable, and animal-based agriculture harms ecosystems even more than the use of fossil fuels.

Stone, a long-time vegetarian, finds the recipes in Easy Vegan straightforward yet sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party, and likes that each one is accompanied by a full-page colour photograph.

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Photo: Courtesy Ryland, Peters & Small

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