Flourless Cloud Cake by Ri

Bake The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

This simple-to-make chocolate dessert topped with whipped cream is so rich you’ll be shocked to learn it’s gluten free.

Flourless Cloud Cake by Ri

EASY & ICONIC | Just when I’d thought there couldn’t possibly be another dessert recipe out there that was both dead easy—as in taking no time to make—and iconic—as in representing the absolute apex of a particular type of sweet—I run into Richard Sax’s indulgent chocolate cloud cake, a flourless treat so rich and satisfying that serious chocoholics will have little trouble choosing between it and sex.

The recipe for this chocately marvel first appeared in Classic Home Desserts, written in 1994 by editor and cookbook author Richard Sax, who founded Food & Wine Magazine’s test kitchen. Widely regarded as a masterpiece when it was published, Classic Home Desserts was a compendium of 350 recipes that included everything from cobblers and fools to creams, plus something that would have been a rarity back in the day, a how-to for delicious gluten-free cake. In a sign of the times, when Sax’s cookbook was reissued in 2010, his chocolate cloud cake had graduated from the back of the book to the cover.

Chocolate Cloud Cake pre-cloud

Chocolate cloud cake is super simple to make. I bake it without the liqueur called for in the recipe to better taste the lavishness of chocolate (work with chocolate that has 70 percent cocoa mass or higher). Sax’s recipe recommends using an eight-inch springform pan, and the first time I made this cake I worried the result would be too puny for my dinner crowd. But chocolate cloud cake is sooooo rich the tiniest wedge will satisfy even the most ardent chocolate lover. —Carolann Rule

CLICK HERE for Richard Sax’s chocolate cloud cake recipe on Leite’s Culineria; CLICK HERE to find out more about the reissued Classic Home Desserts.

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