2 Top Beauty Box Services In Canada

Subscribe to an inexpensive beauty box service to receive monthly packages in the mail filled with top products geared to your specific needs.



CHEAP & CHIC | I have been using the same brand moisturizer for over 10 years. Ditto eyeliner, mascara and toner. The facial cleanser I use? It’s been my staple since high school. It’s not that I’m not curious about other beauty products or uninterested in new things, but I am overwhelmed by what’s available these days. I need my own personal beauty editor, someone to curate the beauty aisles and find the best products for me. This is why I love the latest idea in e-commerce: the subscription beauty box.

Boxing Beauty

What it is: Every month for less than the cost of a lipstick, subscribers receive a selection of four to six luxury-size samples—in other words full size travel samples—of handpicked beauty products. A box will include anything from skin care to makeup to hair products and beauty tools, all from well-known brands and emerging labels. Subscribers are asked for a beauty profile so samples can be chosen specifically to work with the recipient’s skin and beauty needs and style. The samples are beautifully packaged and sent by post—receiving one feels like having a beauty editor friend send you a gift in the mail each month.

Where to get them: Here’s a quick rundown of where you can get a beauty box delivered to you in Canada.

TOPBOX: For $10 a month, you receive four samples (Topbox, pictured above). If you love them, you can go back to the Topbox website and order more—they often have sales and promotions on the brands they sample. Visit topbox.ca

Luxe Box - Loose ButtonLUXE BOX: For $12 a month, you receive four to five samples in a personalized box. I received the latest one of these, which was curated by Flare magazine. In my box: a bottle of Moroccanoil Treatment, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Sunbeam golden bronze highlighter by Benefit and Beautiful Body Balm and a bonus face and neck toning gel tester by Mèreadesso, a brand that’s new to me.  I already use Moroccanoil and was happy to receive more (the bottle I received would be worth $10 on the street) and have so far tried the Dermalogica Microfoliant and Benefit bronze highlighter. I didn’t know what to do with either product, but the enclosed information was very helpful and they are now both products I can’t live without. Visit loosebutton.com —Natasha Muslih

UPDATE: Glymm and Glossy Box are no longer available in Canada.

Photos, top to bottom: Topbox, Loose Button (Luxe Box)

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