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Watch Out, Windex

 This simple, chemical-free cleaning tool will leave your windows and mirrors with a shockingly non-streaky shine. (VIDEO)

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SHOCK & AWE | We live in a house filled with reflective surfaces that we are currently sharing with our daughter, her husband and their very curious baby, Dylan.

Dylan loves to press herself up against the windows and to touch the small human who eyeballs her back every time she looks into a mirror. And wherever she goes, this sweet child leaves tiny paw prints behind.

Not that her baby smudges bother us much. They’re kind of endearing really, but add them to the bug splats and floss bits that accumulate routinely on what-are-meant-to-be-sparkling surfaces, and there’s always a mess to contend with.

Of course we’ve tried commercial glass cleaners and homemade ones too (standard issue vinegar and water), applying them with everything from a squeegee to newspaper—but nothing has come remotely close to delivering the crystal clear results on mirror and glass that an E-cloth and tap water have.

What does an E-cloth do, exactly?

e-clothWith the smallest-diameter filaments of any microfibre fabric, E-cloth picks up and holds onto whatever grime it touches. You can use it to clean, polish and shine almost any surface, but I use mine mainly for windows.

For big window cleaning jobs, I submerge the cloth in water, wring it out and when wipe down the windows the way I would if I were using a paper towel. The first time, I thought the cloth would surely leave streaks and lint bits behind, but nope.

For wee baby smudges on mirrors, I use the cloth dry, spritzing water on the spot I want to disappear, then wiping it away along with the smear. —Carolann Rule

If you can’t find this product locally (for less, like we did) at a kitchen or hardware store, order it at or .com.

**Oh, and check out this great E-cloth demo we found on  The Guardian website.

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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    I have glass everywhere and 2 active grandchildren so i really want to get this cloth. Where did you find your cloth locally? I reside in Vancouver and if you do too please share the location.



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