drops Collage Frame - IKEA

You Will Love The Drops Frame From IKEA

How to get family snapshots out of Cyberland and into your living room.

drops Collage Frame - IKEA


CHEAP & AWESOME | Although they did not confirm this number themselves, Buzzfeed reported last year that humans take 380 billion photos a year. To that figure I would like to add my own unsubstantiated statistic: 99.99 percent of these photographs will forever reside out of view, most of them in Cyberland.

And maybe that’s a good thing, but displaying some printed photos in your home does keep good times and good people visually at hand without logging into a computer or staring at a digital flip screen. My new favourite way to display snapshots on paper is in an inexpensive Drops collage frame from IKEA.





Made of sturdy acrylic (no glass to break), the Drops collage frame looks like a wavy strip of 35 mm photographic film, perforation holes and all. It holds seven four-by-six-inch photos (or printed cards) that slide easily into perfectly sized pockets.

Drops Frame -Ikea

I love Drops frames in multiples and like to change things up by adding new shots my kids have taken or by pulling old photos from some of our ancient-days family albums. —Ruth Rainey

The Drops is just $15.99 in Canada and $9.99 in the U.S. Visit IKEA.ca or IKEA.com to check availability.

Photos, top to bottom: IKEA Family Live (a Frugalbits favourite), IKEA, C. Rule

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