M Missoni

Champagne Labels At Beer Prices Till Feb 26

Like their store tagline says: “You never know what you’ll find at The Treasure Room!”

M MissoniSALES WE LOVE | Talk about well-kept secrets. For the past two-and-a-half years, The Treasure Room, a nondescript hole-in-the-wall boutique on Granville Street at 63rd Avenue, has been selling deeply discounted—and we do mean deeply—luxury label European fashions by word-of-mouth to women more accustomed to shopping along the poshest blocks of Granville Street between Broadway and 16th Avenue.

Everything Must Go

Now the Treasure Room is closing its doors forever on February 26th, and since “everything must go,” we envision the killer prices dropping even more as this week progresses—not that there will be any merchandise left when they close up shop this coming Saturday.

So which fashion labels and what kind of prices are we talking about here? First there are the labels we’re allowed to mention: Hugo Boss, M Missoni, Just Cavelli, Valentino Roma, Kenzo jeans, Jean Paul Gaultier, Galliano, Margon, Laurel and more. And then there are the even higher-end brands that they’d rather we wouldn’t list, so we won’t. But suffice to say a girlfriend of mine bought a gorgeous $2,000 Italianmade jacket for $200 last Saturday and you would recognize the label if I were to tell you the name.

Treasure Room Steals

I visited The Treasure Room with a friend last Friday and walked out with five skirts for work: a beautiful white wool bouclé by Kenzo Jeans for $20 down from $295; a chic rock & roll zippered number from Barbra Bui Initials for $29 down from $548; a spring green wool from Laurel for $19 down from $298; plus two others from the (80-percent off ) luxury lines I can’t mention, the most expensive an Italian-made wool slim skirt for $119, down from $600.

These clothes really are beautiful, well made and come in sizes 0 to 14—or at least they did when I was there. By the time you read this, product will surely be dwindling; even so, a visit to The Treasure Room is going to be worth it.—Annabel Lee

The Treasure Room, located at 7932 Granville Street, closes its doors permanently February 26, 2011; 604-263-7940.

Photo: M Missoni

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