Fall Leaves In A Cut Glass Vase

Great Decorating Ideas With Fall Leaves

What’s more beautiful than fall foliage? Here are a few understated ways to use it to decorate your home.


Fall Leaves In A Cut Glass Vase


FREE & EASY | Whether it’s branches in vases or individual leaves strewn along a dining table or on top of a napkin or plate, nothing looks more striking than nature brought indoors and left in its beautiful, natural state. Around here, we subscribe to a natural, casual approach when it comes to arranging botanical materials, and a less is more strategy for tabletop décor.

Fall Leaves From Better Homes & Gardens

How gorgeous is this massive amount of a single foliage type thoughtfully placed in a gargantuan vase the way one of Britain’s talented church ladies might do it in the vestibule of an Anglican cathedral. This arrangement was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. CLICK HERE to see more of their fall tabletop ideas.

Fallen leaves in mini vases-BHG

While a giant vase full of leaves and branches is striking for sure, a single leaf displayed in the right container can be even more arresting. Nothing detracts from the remarkable beauty of the individual leaves pictured above because they are displayed in crystal-clear labware (Walter White would no doubt approve).

Maple Leaves on Napkins

If you want to see clutter, visit  momtoob.com, a decorating website featuring dining tables jumping with so many gewgaws It’s a wonder they have room for plates.  We prefer the tone set above, where individual red maple leaves have been used in an unobtrusive manner rather like punctuation marks. —eds







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